Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekly Chore Board!

We took and old poster frame and made 7 "slots" with scrapbook paper. We then used labels from a craft store to mark whose chores were whose along with glittery sticker letters to mark the days. Now we can write notes each day for the other to do in dry erase marker and don't have to waste paper!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Memory Board

This was a super fun project to do.  I took a 4 ft x 2 ft piece of thin plywood and dĂ©coupaged scrapbook paper to it to make a background. Then I took all the ticket stubs, playbills, etc I had saved from our dates over the course of our relationship and I dĂ©coupaged those over the top of the scrapbook paper. The paper was merely there to act as a filler for those little spots I didn't quite get covered up with the stubs.

I then purchased some plastic letters from a local craft store and spray painted them with a light green color. I did about 4-5 layers of spray paint to make sure I got the dark plastic really covered. I didn't have to sand them prior to spraying them either. Then I did one layer of the turquoise spray paint over the top. Once it was completely dry I took sandpaper and lightly rubbed of the turquoise to expose the green. This gave the letters an antiqued look which matched our bedroom perfectly! I mounted the letters on the board with museum putty (just in case I ever need to remove them). Just to be on the safe side I laid the board flat with heavy books on top of the letters until the putty set.

Once the letters were in place I took 2, 2x4s and nailed them across the bottom and top of the board from the back to make the piece more stable. We then took picture wire hooks and screwed them into the top 2x4 and attached the picture wire. Once the piece was hung on the wall using picture hooks, I covered the wire with a ribbon that matched the other decor in the room.

Voila! Finito!! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The "Owl" Always Love You Wall

We made the wall in our bedroom all about us. We found some adorable owls and filled the frames with some of our favorite "firsts."  The shelves we bought bare and I painted them to match the artwork. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Jewelry Storage

I used to have this really bulky, tall, T-shaped jewelry holder which I hated and took up too much space on my dresser.  At a local craft store I found a cool bottle and decided to use that as a bracelet holder.  I then added a little "pop" to the dresser with a smaller, colored bottled and some cool burlap flowers (they're even polka-dotted!!)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sprucing up

We spruced up a corner of the living room with a blown glass vase with twine accents. I brought out an old night stand and placed a diffuser and some blown glass accents on it. The round mirrors were a fun way to reflect some light into the room an complimented the paper lanterns hung from the ceiling.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Note On Hydration

So.... Hydration. Obviously this is a really big part of weight loss and being healthy in general. I've heard more often than not from other members, friends, and even my boyfriend that it is really hard to remember to drink water and stay hydrated. It has to become a habit and it's one which is hard to get going!

Here are some tips I've found work for me. First off I should say I LOVE LOVE LOVE diet coke which is horrible and dehydrates me even more so every so often I have to "re-train" myself to drink water.

Tip #1: Keep it next to you at work: I've found that if I keep a glass or bottle next to me at work within eye shot and arm's length, I'm more likely to drink it even it's really just out of convenience and boredom. Who cares! I'm drinking it!

Tip #2: Use a straw: I drink more, faster when I use a straw. It also gives me the illusion it tastes better. LOL Weird, I know. But it works!

Tip #3: Find a few really big bottles and fill them with ice and water first thing: I have various cups and mugs and bottles around the house we call "My jugs" which hold tons of water. If I fill them first off in the day, i'm more likely to drink them than if I wait until I'm thirsty. Also, if I know I haven't had a lot to drink that day and I'm behind on my hydration, I use them to measure how much I need to drink. i.e. "Ok, I have to drink 2 jugs before I go to bed."

Tip #4: Take it with you: If I'm leaving the house, I often take a bottle of water with me. Even if I leave it in the car while running errands, I know it's there and I'm less likely to stop for coffee or a diet coke.

I've found that when I'm dehydrated, I don't lose as much, my muscles are more sore after working out, and I wake up feeling gross the following day. I retain water and get bloated which doesn't make me feel very good. So I've made it a personal mission to work on staying hydrated and to drink lots of water throughout the day! Especially when I plan to work out and sweat a lot.